Light is life: it is indispensable for vision, perception, comfort, for life itself. The entire human body needs light: millions of sunbathers encompassed with light experience on the whole body the beneficial effects of light.Would you like to live a healthier, better life even in your old age? Would you like to see your children and grandchildren grow up and take an active part in their upbringing? Would you like to feel full of zip from hair to toes and full of energy all the time? Then have a dip in the Sensolite Healing Light bath! Openness to expedient yet humane therapies is an attainment of the 21st century. Thanks to their rational, natural and anthropocentric properties these therapeutical processes have no harmful side-effects.In the opinion of the inventor, Márta Fenyő, polarized light therapy is such an amazing healing method because its effects are always constructive and never destructive. Instead of the elimination of negative phenomena such as bacteria the core of Sensolite therapy is the mobilization of intrinsic defence mechanisms of the organism.The key to your health is Sensolite polarized light therapy. Use this key!



The ability of the human organism to regenerate to its native healthy condition is the veritable wonder. What polarized light adds to this wonder is the impetus that drives cell function towards the regeneration of the organism.