For the preservation of health

Prevention, improvement of general health condition,
boosting of endurance
– Strengthening of the immune system and resistance
(prevention of diseases, viral / bacterial and mycotic
– Boosting of physical and intellectual performance
– Energizing in the case of fatigue and exhaustion
– Stimulation of the brain function
– Improvement of concentration
– Cheering-up


For the treatment of sportsmen

– Boosting of muscular strength and power
– Relaxation of muscles
– Alleviation of muscle pain due to exertion and
– Acceleration of regeneration after training and races


For the treatment of pathological changes and

Skin problems
– Eczema;
– Pimply, spotty skin (acne vulgaris)
– Acceleration of the healing of epithelial injuries and



– Strengthening the immune system in the case of
degenerative diseases and pathological changes
– Bacterial, viral and mycotic communicable diseases
– Communicable respiratory diseases
– Otorhinolaryngologic inflammatory diseases
– Immunologic problems of socialization (kindergarten,
– Respiratory allergies (hay fever, asthma)
– Skin allergies (eczema, chronic urticaria)
– Other allergies



– Treatment of crural and decubitus ulcers
– Post-operative acceleration of wound healing,
aesthetic improvement of cicatrisation and
– Healing of burns, acceleration of regeneration


Treatment of sports injuries

– Accelerated healing of rupture of a muscle, sprain,
dislocation and fracture)
– Acceleration of reduction of oedema and
– Relaxation of contractures
– Acceleration of rehabilitation after sports injuries
– Tennis elbow


Locomotor complaints

– Back and low-back pain
– Cervi cal pai n
– Pain in the extremities
– Rheumatic complaints
– Tendonitis, tendovaginitis


Relief of pain

– General relieving of pain
In all cases the treatment promises significant relieving
of pain and reduction of time to healing compared to the
process of healing without light therapy.


Contra-indications in the application of SENSOLITE®

– During or within one week after the chemotherapeutic
treatment of tumorous patients
– Uncontrolled or highly fluctuating blood pressure
– Fevered condition
– Any untreated arrhythmic condition
– In the maniac period of patients suffering from diagnosed
maniac depression
– Intoxicated condition
– Drug addiction
– Condition of acute conflagration
– Epilepsy
– First trimester of gravidity
Therapy by polarized light is a versatile, popular corroborative
procedure used globally for the conservation of health,
supported by scientific research and looking back to several
decades of history. The therapy by polarized light offers
healing in a variety of fields.
For the abilities of the Sensolite® bed for polarized light
therapy and its custom-designed use please contact our
staff of knowledgeable and experienced physicians. Our
medical consultations are available free of charge.
The Sensolite® bed for polarized light therapy has been
awarded the positive professional and ethical position
statement of the Medical Research Council, Scientific and
Ethical Committee (Supervised by Ministry of Health)