“Throughout the years of my research efforts and having witnessed the healing of millions of patients I arrived at the conclusion that the extraordinary effect of polarized light on living organisms such as plants, animals and humans is not comparable to that of simple natural sunlight. By taking the courage of my conviction I trace back this effect to the origins of life on Earth.

Aeons ago, at the beginning, there was no trace of life on Earth, and mostly oceans covered the entire surface of the planet, with tiny patches of land here and there.

Reflected from the surface of the water the sunbeams shone on an islet; obeying the laws of physics this light was linearly polarized.

I assume that the sunbeams shining on the organic molecules reflected in the form of polarized light contributed to the evolution of life on Earth. I am neither a philosopher, nor a researcher of the protohistory of Earth. This is just a mind game that came into my mind and I wanted to share with everyone.”