The joint research of Professor Imre Lengyel, the head physician of the laboratory at the National Institute for Vascular Surgery and Márta Fenyő conducted at the beginning of the 1980s brought the following results(2):
1.) In vitro treatment of heart muscle cells with polarized light demonstrated structural changes in the cells in an anoxic environment that facilitated more efficient use of the restricted amount of oxygen available.

2.) Polarized light affects the membrane of red blood cells so that the ability of red blood cells to bind and retain oxygen intensifies in an environment of oxygen deficiency, thus the red blood cells can supply the muscles with the vital oxygen even in an anoxic environment.

3.) Polarized light treatment enhances the stability of the membrane of red blood cells and prevents the destruction of cell membrane caused by anoxic circumstances. .

Polarized light stimulates the muscle cells to use oxygen more effectively.

Polarized light treatment improves the ability of red blood cells to bind and retain oxygen.

Polarized light protects and stabilizes the membrane of red blood cells.


Regular treatment of the entire body surface with polarized light promotes the development of muscle volume and brawn at efficiency in excess of the average. Light treatment has, beyond doubt, no harmful side effects. All treatments can be performed using the 100 % polarized light emitted by SensoliteR in the visible and the near infrared spectrum. Sensolite polarized light treatment secures benefits for sportsmen, particularly if they are treated for a few days before races. Sensolite polarized light therapy

1. boosts the immunity of the organism thereby reducing the chance of illnesses;

2. enhances blood circulation and metabolism of the muscle cells thereby supplying muscles with more oxygen;

3. enhances the ability of red blood cells to absorb and bind oxygen thereby improving the oxygen supply of the muscles;

4. relaxes the muscles, if used regularly, has an antispasmodic effect, speeds up the absorption of lactic acid causing muscle stiffness or oedema caused by a bruise, because polarized light treatment promotes, along with blood circulation, lymphatic circulation as well;

5. eases the eventual arthritic or muscle pains and problems originating from injuries such as

– rupture of a muscle,
– sprain,
– dislocation,
– oedema,
– haematoma,
and also relieves miofibrotic cramps