Wounds were treated earlier with low-power laser light. Jointly with her fellow inventors Márta Fenyő discovered by experiments and through inference that of all attributes of laser light polarisation was responsible for biostimulation. That is how the invention ” A method and equipment for healing wounds and injuries on the body”, in other words, the polarized light therapy embodied in the lamp named Evolite was born.

Applications for Hungarian and international patents for the Evolite lamp were submitted, concurrent efforts in product development and scientific research of the biological effects of polarized light coordinated from the beginning by Márta Fenyő were started.

Polarized light therapy also brought results in the treatment of chronic diseases such as cruralulcer , a veritable endemic in Hungary, acne, the all-time problem of teenagers, and other chronic skin diseases and sports injuries.

Prompt and spectacular results have been achieved in the light therapy of operation scars, burns, headache, rheumatic and arthritic problems, etc. (4,5,and6)

In 1986 Bioptron (Switzerland) acquired the licence for the production and marketing of polarized light therapy. The largest version of the light source (the Bioptron lamp) manufactured by this company produces a circle of 15 cm diameter on the illuminated surface. The lamp was purpose designed for medical applications, with a pleasant yellow light in the visible and near infrared spectral ranges, free of ultraviolet components.

The inventor selected power density so that the approximately 4 J/cm2 energy required for the treatment is achieved in a fairly short time. In most cases the duration of treatments of restricted areas on the skin is in the 2 – 30 minute range. In cases when extensive areas need to be treated, the entire area is scanned by the light beam, which obviously requires a longer time.


Of the light waves oscillating in all directions the polarizer filters out components leaving only one oscillating in an exceptional plane.

The waves of polarized light travel in an exceptional plane of the space. According to the biophysical model developed by the inventor and her research team the electromagnetic field oscillating in this determinate plane slightly reorganizes the polar heads of the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane. By reaching a higher energy level the cell membrane becomes better ordered. This minor structural change results in significant biological effects due to the amplifier role of the cell membrane; it can affect the fluidity and permeability of the membrane, the movements of proteins tightly bound to the membrane, the metabolic and transport processes of the cell.