Throughout her career and in the course of a very large number of light treatments Márta Fenyő learnt a lot through experience about the “useful side effects” of polarized light treatment and about the directions of development urged by the patients’ needs. Both the experiences and the patient needs pointed into the evident direction of increasing the body surface treated concurrently by polarized light.

Several major factors contributed to the inception of the invention.

– Scientific investigations carried out in the past 30 years that proved the significant immune stimulating effect of polarized light.

– 18 years of curative experience at the Bioptron Medical Centre revealed concomitant “side-effects” of the healing of wounds, hairy head skin problems and other skin problems of patients, such as the improvement of physical capabilities, cerebral activity, general condition and reduction of anxiety and stressed condition.

– The seriously ill animals treated with polarized light during the research projects became definitely livelier after treatment.

– It is a generally accepted experience that negative impacts from the environment, stress and negative psychic processes weaken the human immune system. Under the living conditions and lifestyle prevailing today there is hardly any time or opportunity to offset these negative impacts.

It is generally admitted and experimentally proven that treatment using polarized light stimulates the immune system, intensifies peripheral blood circulation, boosts the metabolism of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues and protects the body even from the negative consequences of stress.

Contrary to the earlier procedures Sensolite, the novel invention, applies surround treatment using polarized light to the entire surface of the body.

In contrast to the currently available therapeutical appliances of mainly local effect the special feature of Sensolite is its ability to promptly forward the vital healing information carried by polarized light to each and every cell of the living organism, whether or not such information is focused on prevention, treatment or recovery.


As far as our knowledge goes, there is no comparable complex method for the surround treatment of the entire body surface, developed for the objectives detailed above, capable of imparting a variety of concurrent beneficial effects to the human organism.