There is a tight link between the lipid bilayer building up the cell membrane and the proteins bound to it. The membrane has the ability to transmit energy from the realignment of polar heads induced by polarized light towards the proteins that influence virtually all processes associated with cell activities, such as the

– energy production of cells,
– immune processes, and
– enzyme reactions, including also the active and passive transport processes.

The cell membrane plays a prominent biochemical role, therefore the conformation change induced by polarized light can influence significant biochemical processes, including:
– recognition processes (anti-bodies, hormones),
– energy transfer and transformation, such as oxidative phosphorylation,
– information transfer (neurotransmitters), – membrane fusions, and
– release of certain intracellular agents into the intercellular space.( 4)

Polarized light has a special effect on cells: it reaches cells as deep as 1 cm beneath the skin surface without heating up the tissues in-between.

Owing to the low power density it is customary to call it the “gentle light”. Of the many effects of polarized light the first one worth mentioning is its ability to increase the energy metabolism of the cell membrane and to rearrange and favourably realign the lipid molecules of the lipid bilayer that build up the cell membrane. By this means polarized light boosts the metabolism of cells and harmonizes cell function.

Furthermore, polarized light enhances the ability of red blood cells to bind and retain oxygen, stabilizes the membrane and thereby the stability of red blood cells in an anoxic environment(2) . It enhances blood circulation; therefore the increased amount of oxygen reaches cells and organs faster. Investigations have proved that polarized light promotes the self-defence ability of the organism: stimulates the immune system, promotes the regenerative processes in the entire organism thereby assisting e.g. in wound healing. Polarized light has a direct beneficial effect on nerve endings, energy paths and nerve tissues proper: it sooths, eases or terminates pain. Polarized light normalizes off-balance biological processes.