The effects of polarized light has been extensively highlightened in the scientific literature- through skin’s exposure to light, a range of “whole body” positive changes occur: mobilization of the natural defense mechanisms and enhancement of immune system activity, increased oxygenation of the tissues, alleviation of pain, healing of wounds, acceleration of cell regeneration and promotion of cell rejuvenation.

During the sessions with Sensolite wellness polarized light beds, the human body receives, in a relatively short time, a huge amount of energy stimulating the body at the mental and physical level.

Sensolite wellness beds ensure body relaxation and regeneration, in a comfortable environment, during which time the linearly polarized light generated by 800 modern light sources provide the energy source for exposure of the whole body, triggering a mystical bio-stimulation processes that contribute to well-being and rejuvenation.

Sensolite wellness bed use is recommended to everyone regardless of age and gender, because everybody wishes to feel self-confident, be beautiful and live comfortably.



Sensolite welness beds serve wellness as well as cosmetic and beauty purposes in one device:  as the Latin proverb say “Mens sana in corpore sano”- a healthy mind in a beautiful and healthy body!


SENSOLITE WELLNESS POLARIZED LIGHT BED means enhanced physical/mental performance and well being

Intensive polarized light has effects that one can feel immediately: it diminishes the consequences of daily stress on the body, it relieves cramped muscles, the calms the mind and the body relaxes.

We advice the use of Sensolite wellness polarized light beds for those who wish to enhance their physical or mental performance, for those who want to eliminate the stressful effects of the rush of everyday life and for those who want to use an innovative device for relaxation and well being purposes.

  • Wellness purposes, a healthy mind

Exposure to polarized light may help:

–          to prevent bacterial and viral infections, thus reducing the risk of influenca

–          to enhance well-being

–          to improve training endurance

–          to upgrade learning concentration

–          to keep the body healthy

Sensolite wellness polarized light bed is particularly adviced to the following persons:

  • Students preparing for exams
  • Stressed executives and employees
  • Managers before a meeting or an important presentation
  • Athletes aiming for optimum performance
  • Mothers, needing a pick-me-up from caring for children
  • Those who wish to relax and enhance well being
  • Health conscious people from all age groups

For them, the use of Sensolite wellness beds is especially recommended because it increases blood supply to the brain, neuronal tissue function and promotes cell regeneration.



Sensolite wellness polarized light bed is not a medical device and may be used ONLY for wellness and cosmetic purposes.

The company Sensolite manufactures also a polarized light bed which is registered as medical device in some countries. Please consult the web site ( for details.

People with the following conditions should refrain from using Sensolite wellness polarized light beds:

– current chemotherapy or chemotherapy received within less than a week (cancer medication)

– any kind of abnormal heart rhythm without medication adjustments

– heart pacemaker (or other active implant) in the body

– uncontrolled high or widely fluctuating blood pressure

– fever and acute inflammatory status (ulcer, skin, bladder, nerve etc.)

– manic period for bi-polar patients

– alcoholism

– drug addictions

– epilepsy

– first trimester of pregnancy

– immunosuppressive therapy, e.g. after organ transplantation


Sensolite polarized light  beds apply the own patented technique of linearily polarized light.