In recent times, more and more people are looking for possibilities which could help them live a healthier and longer life. Yet many people, in fact, over-exert themselves striving for a better standard of living and, as a result, put their health at risk, obliging them to undergo extensive medical treatment.



The light of life… power to body, spirit and mind.
Light is an intrinsic component of the creation and evolution of the universe through billions of years.  The energy variation of the stars, planets and solar system are monitored through colour changes of their light waves.  The light accompanies life in each of its manifestations. On the other hand, human beings, animals and plants thrive when the sun (light) shines!  The ancient Greeks recommended sunlight therapy for the sick and the frail.

In the past, scientific therapies and natural procedures targeting healing and quality of life enhancement were opposing each other.  Nowadays, the authenticity of the benefits of the thousand year old natural procedure have been evaluated with scientific methods: different light waves of the light spectrum (red and infrared, blue, ultraviolet) and types of light waves (polarized light as in lasers) were proven to be useful beneficial tools for different medical conditions.

Also, it has been scientifically demonstrated that polarized light has specific biological effects as compared to “normal” light waves when applied to living organisms.

The Sensolite wellness bed uses the latest technology for linearly polarized light application.

The device was especially created for the purposes of boosting well-being, health maintenance and recovery and increasing endurance.  It is also powerful for the prevention of diseases, skin and tissue rejuvenation and regeneration.
Learn about the Sensolite wellness bed, which was created for reaching a perfect body-mind balance.

The Sensolite wellness bed design was inspired by the forms and colours of nature: naturalness, peace, poise of mind, harmony. The friendly warm colours, the spacious room and the pleasant sounds are all made for the ultimate relaxation.
Sensolite beds offer a new alternative preventitive opportunity for anyone looking for a responsible and health-conscious way of life.

Our website will enable you to get acquinted with the advantages of this health enhancement system, which represents an efficient and cost effective way to preserve of our most precious gift, our HEALTH.