The Sensolite wellness polarized light bed is a highly reliable device, with an efficient, load-bearing capacity.

It is extremely user-friendly due to its professional design as well as its compatibility with different types of computer systems.

Sensolite wellness beds are primarily targeted for commercial use, offering an ergonomic device, designed for long-term operation, requiring minimal maintenance.

Target commercial customers:
1.  Wellness industry (wellness hotels, spa, and relaxation rooms)
2.  Beauty and cosmetic facilities (beauty-parlours, beauty farms, cosmetic studios)
3.  Gyms, training rooms
4.  Sport facilities and sport clubs (professional, competition as well as part-time sports)
5.  Companies and enterprises (a service provided to employees)

6.  Factories (health maintenance of the workers)
7.  Military (training centres)
Target Private customers:

Sensolite wellness beds may be also used in private residences where appropriate floor space and ventilation is provided.  Their operation does not require significant electricity consumption and their operation may be easily solved without computer use.

Note: Additional detailed information on Sensolite wellness polarized light beds may be obtained from our customer support staff (see contact details)and from our continuously updated website.