Nowadays, the notion of “wellness” is very popular but very few people know the real meaning of this word.  The sense of the word wellness is quite complex, implying “physical and mental well-being.”

Typically, the word is associated with entertainment or just a comfortable pampering week-end.

But physical and mental well-being represents a philosophy of life, encompassing body-mind harmony,  a certain poise of mind, self-confidence, openness and ease with oneself.

The Sensolite wellness polarized light bed was created for the realization of this well-being concept: each “light bath” in which we immerse has enormous body and mind benefits.


 Only a healthy skin is a beautiful skin.

It has been demonstrated that polarized light positively influences wound healing, promotes tissue regeneration through accelerated collagen formation and accelerates the skin cell metabolism, thus enhancing cell renewal.

Polarized light medical devices are routinely and successfully used for these medical purposes (e.g. Bioptron, Sensolite therapy beds) e.g. therapy of acneea, venous ulcers, etc.

Sensolite wellness polarized light bed enables each skin cell of the body to be immersed in healing linearily polarized light, which has advantages over exposure to other light sources like LED beds or light lamps.

The well being promoted through exposure to polarized light is especially visible at the skin level.

The cells’ metabolism is stimulated and they regenerate, collagen fibers are boosted which results in wrinkle diminuation.

The skin on the face and body remains firm and healthy.

Muscles are firmed up and muscle mass increases.

Due to increased cell metabolism, cell detoxyfication process is promoted, blood and lymphatic circulation is increased and, as a consequence, cellulite is reduced.

Polarized light enhances blood circulation and oxygen consumption within the cells, thus cell rejuvenation is promoted. This effect is visible, for example, on the scalp in which hair is healthier and shinier,  In fact, hair regeneration may improve and hair loss may cease to occur.


The exposure to polarized light can help:

–          to prevent skin cell ageing

–          to diminish wrinkles

–          to preserve skin smoothing

–          to promote skin rejuvenation

–          to accelerate skin and muscle cell regeneration, leading to a firmed-up face and body

–          to reduce cellulitis by boosting cell metabolism

–          to enhance muscular strength

–          to prevent scalp hair loss and promote hair regeneration

We recommend the use of Sensolite wellness polarized wellness bed for women and men of all ages for the purposes of:

  • Healthy skin cells preservation (face and body) and enhancement of cell regeneration
  • Wrinkles correction and skin rejuvenation
  • Cellulite diminuation
  • Whole body muscle tissue firming
  • Improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation which supports an effective detoxification
  • Losing weight
  • Scalp hair care