In the past years it was proved beyond doubt that polarized light therapy is suitable for successfully treating chronic skin diseases, extensive excoriation, rheumatic symptoms and many other pathological changes. Based on the research results we can safely declare that light can mobilize the natural defence mechanisms of the organism through the skin.

The field of application of Sensolite ranges from the improvement of general condition through typical health problems to serious illnesses. The Sensolite polarized light therapy is particularly efficacious in prevention, for the improvement of general condition and for boosting endurance. Along with helping people avoid flu even at the time of epidemics Sensolite can also help in easing migraine and other kinds of headache.

Sensolite improves the focusing ability through the intensification of the blood- and oxygen supply of the brain thereby boosting the cerebral activity; therefore it is definitely recommended for students before exams, for businessmen and managers before important meetings or presentations.

Not unlike other popular healing lamps, Sensolite is perfectly suited for the prompt healing of wounds, easing local or whole-body rheumatic pains, treating psoriasis, age spots and other skin diseases, and for the healing of sports injuries and extensive burns. The experiences gathered so far show that Sensolite treatment helped absorb adipoma, and beneficial effects are expected in the treatment of diabetes and even in enhancing sexual vigour.

Sensolite is especially recommended for those who wish to preserve health, strengthen the organism, keep young or heal cells, if required. As the surround polarized light treatment of the body stimulates the natural defence mechanisms, it is recommended for regular use for prevention or for promoting recovery. The treatment is not tied to age limit; it may even be applied in infancy.

In a relatively short period of time of the Sensolite polarized light therapy a large amount of energy to be utilized on physical and intellectual levels both is imparted to the human organism. Patients feel healthy and agile and being charged up with energy as early as after the first Sensolite treatment.

In a comfortable and peaceful environment the Sensolite bed for polarized light therapy offers deep relaxation while 1000 surround sources of polarized light pamper the body with soothing light and gentle treatment triggering the processes of biostimulation and autotherapy.